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Pool cleaning robot Dolphin 2x2 Pro Gyro

Pool cleaning robot Dolphin 2x2 Pro Gyro
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Чисти басейни с дължина - до 33 м. 

Цикъл на почистване - 4 / 6 / 8 часа

Скорост на всмукване - 34 м3/час

Чисти - Дъно, ъгли , стени и водна линия

Управление - Дистанционно

Гаранция - 24 месеца

  • With the Dolphin 2X2 Pro Gyro, you can put the power of two robots to work at once. This heavy-duty cleaner is ideal for professional pools up to 33m (108ft) in length. With dual pool brushing action, dual high-capacity, ultra-fine pool filtration system and a sophisticated gyroscope.

    Cable length: 40m (130ft) (130ft)

    • Total pool cleaning - Unique gyroscopic system delivers accurate and effective scanning for systematic cleaning along the entire pool. CleverClean scanning system ensures complete pool coverage and cleaning.
    • Maximum hygiene - Active brushing efficiently removes algae and bacteria, enhancing water quality.
    • Advanced, high-capacity filtration - Dual-level filtration system leaves the water clear and free of hair; dust, insects and other debris.
    • User-friendly - Fully automated, plug & play operation, with optional parameters to suit every
      pool, ensures easy use and maintenance.
    Cycle time 4/6/8 hours
    Cable length 40m (130ft)
    Filter Porosity Dual-level - for rough and fine dirt
    Weight 20 kg (44 lbs)
    Suction rate 34m³ per hour
    Motor unit voltage 24 VDC
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    20 kg/pc
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